I am what I call myself: a traveller. I've travelled through the strands of time and space. I've gone to Hogwarts, Narnia, Panem, Danu Talis, Egypt, Prussia, France, London, Montmaray, New Mouse City, Scots, Yggdrasil, magical realms, and a lot of other places. All because of a thing called: BOOK.


Inspired by my breathtaking adventures, I became what I call myself: a creator. It's a difficult job at times, but it's always worth it. I created my version of supernaturals, werewolves, vampires, spoiled brats, inhumans, and a lot more. I made my version of their story through something called: WRITING.




These two things have become a huge part of my life. 




A punctuation mark that represents the word: INFINITY. 


Once a sentence ends with ellipses, it means it's your turn to TRAVEL, to journey, to CREATE, to write.


This is my story...


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Things I MUST do before reading a book I bought (which I totally do not do):


- exit the mall 



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Brick Books
Brick Books

Glad to destroy my house [or maybe just a wall, unless I'm moving] for this. 

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...and I am glad to have it. 

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Friend: Hey, can I borrow [insert book title]?


Me: *stricken face* Um....s-sure...there's just a few rules....


*list a million rules that some are not even possible to acheive*


Friend: O-kay. I think I can just buy one...so....thanks, anyway....


Me: You sure?


*friend nods then leaves*


*me-deep-inside: smiling*

Safe Haven - Nicholas Sparks

Here's the movie trailer to Safe Haven. :)

Love is the ONLY True Safe Haven

Safe Haven - Nicholas Sparks

It may seem like any typical love story [like The Choice, also by Sparks. Pardon me for not posting the review. It's due to the stress of graduating and preparation for HS.], wherein a girl, Katie, meets, a boy, Alex...plus his kids, Josh and Kristen...fall in love.


              But it isn't. 


Nicholas Sparks added a tragic backstory to both protagonists, especially Katie. You will feel both the joy and the pain of their past and their desperate struggle to escape. These brought them to love and a certain flame [ha! You'll get it once you read it.] tests that love, not only to each other but also towards Josh and Kristen. 


As the end nears, the story zooms into Katie's horrible past and what can I say? Nicholas Sparks [' writing] can really get into your nerves. You'll really develop this hatred and anger towards the antagonist [that you'll want to smack his Bible - quoting brain with a frying pan!]


Despite all the irritation and despising, Sparks' Safe Haven leaves you with a touching, light, teary [I cried...again] feeling by the end where you'll read an finale truly unexpected. 


              You will not see it coming. 





p.s. All of you probably know that there's a movie adaptation of Safe Haven and I'm so excited to watch it [DVD?]. 



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Already planning on it!

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it's like paining with words in your head!

Help, fellow readers, please!! Kan du hjælpe mig?

Since our school year will be ending in March (so excited to graduate!), and I [currently] can't borrow books in the library [because of upcoming tests], I went treasure hunting in my sister's bookshelves, where I found Charlotte Bronte's JANE EYRE.


One question: SHOULD I READ IT? OR NOT?


Please help. For an easy answer, LIKE for a yes. :)


Tak sa meget! Thank you so much!

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Because of carpe libru -ming...it became my username in Instagram.



Heartstopper - FieldingJoy

There's a famous saying everytime you look at a book - and being an avid reader, it belongs to my Golden Rules of Reading, "Do not - or, never, in my case - judge a book by its cover." It may be popping in your minds right now that I did so judge the cover of this book (the cover's a real mystery)...but I did something worse, [for me/others], or something better than judging the cover. With my best friend randomly picked this book from the shelf, I can't help but judge the PLOT. Being an extreme lover of fiction, I didn't even think that I'll fancy this book, that I just have to force my way through the end - with the story being possible to occur. But as I read through the lives of the people of Torrance, I can't seem to let go, as the question "WHO IS THE KILLER?" kept on repeating and repeating in your head. And once you reach the moment of truth - it will answer all your questions, you'll even understand what's the meaning of Heartstopper - you will just freeze there and say, "Oh. My. God."


It will seriously capture you until the very end.




P.S.: I recommend this book for ages 15-16 + since there's quite a number of PDA (not the gadget) scenes and for some, I mean not just PDA.


P.P.S.: Here's the link to Mrs. Joy Fielding, the author's website:




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This is the exact reason why I LOVE TO READ.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! (I know it's but...better late than never!)
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I need a dangerous book. (Totally.)

Cleopatra VII: Daughter of the Nile

Cleopatra VII -

Princess life is NEVER easy.

The Grimm Legacy

The Grimm Legacy - Polly Shulman Believe in magic!

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