I am what I call myself: a traveller. I've travelled through the strands of time and space. I've gone to Hogwarts, Narnia, Panem, Danu Talis, Egypt, Prussia, France, London, Montmaray, New Mouse City, Scots, Yggdrasil, magical realms, and a lot of other places. All because of a thing called: BOOK.


Inspired by my breathtaking adventures, I became what I call myself: a creator. It's a difficult job at times, but it's always worth it. I created my version of supernaturals, werewolves, vampires, spoiled brats, inhumans, and a lot more. I made my version of their story through something called: WRITING.




These two things have become a huge part of my life. 




A punctuation mark that represents the word: INFINITY. 


Once a sentence ends with ellipses, it means it's your turn to TRAVEL, to journey, to CREATE, to write.


This is my story...


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