Love is the ONLY True Safe Haven

Safe Haven - Nicholas Sparks

It may seem like any typical love story [like The Choice, also by Sparks. Pardon me for not posting the review. It's due to the stress of graduating and preparation for HS.], wherein a girl, Katie, meets, a boy, his kids, Josh and Kristen...fall in love.


              But it isn't. 


Nicholas Sparks added a tragic backstory to both protagonists, especially Katie. You will feel both the joy and the pain of their past and their desperate struggle to escape. These brought them to love and a certain flame [ha! You'll get it once you read it.] tests that love, not only to each other but also towards Josh and Kristen. 


As the end nears, the story zooms into Katie's horrible past and what can I say? Nicholas Sparks [' writing] can really get into your nerves. You'll really develop this hatred and anger towards the antagonist [that you'll want to smack his Bible - quoting brain with a frying pan!]


Despite all the irritation and despising, Sparks' Safe Haven leaves you with a touching, light, teary [I cried...again] feeling by the end where you'll read an finale truly unexpected. 


              You will not see it coming. 





p.s. All of you probably know that there's a movie adaptation of Safe Haven and I'm so excited to watch it [DVD?].