Heartstopper - FieldingJoy

There's a famous saying everytime you look at a book - and being an avid reader, it belongs to my Golden Rules of Reading, "Do not - or, never, in my case - judge a book by its cover." It may be popping in your minds right now that I did so judge the cover of this book (the cover's a real mystery)...but I did something worse, [for me/others], or something better than judging the cover. With my best friend randomly picked this book from the shelf, I can't help but judge the PLOT. Being an extreme lover of fiction, I didn't even think that I'll fancy this book, that I just have to force my way through the end - with the story being possible to occur. But as I read through the lives of the people of Torrance, I can't seem to let go, as the question "WHO IS THE KILLER?" kept on repeating and repeating in your head. And once you reach the moment of truth - it will answer all your questions, you'll even understand what's the meaning of Heartstopper - you will just freeze there and say, "Oh. My. God."


It will seriously capture you until the very end.




P.S.: I recommend this book for ages 15-16 + since there's quite a number of PDA (not the gadget) scenes and for some, I mean not just PDA.


P.P.S.: Here's the link to Mrs. Joy Fielding, the author's website: