Abandon  - Meg Cabot

NDE or near death experience.


To be honest, I kinda want to know what it is like to die. I suppose everyone wants to know. So that when they die, they'll know what it is like on the other side. But when I think about it for quite a long time, I change my mind. It gives the creeps. Dying. Death. It's just something I'm not ready for, something that most of us aren't ready for.


I think Pierce Oliviera, the protagonist, expected more from the other side. A meadow full of flowers, maybe. Or a pocket full of sunshine. But when she died, she knew. It was the opposite.


Because of throwing a hot cup of tea on a deiti's face, she was able to return. She was able to return to the place where she belongs.


She's trying her best to forget. To forget what happened. But he won't let her. He just kept coming.