The Princess Diaries

The Princess Diaries  - Meg Cabot

Mostly every little girl will say, "I want to be a princess!" if you ask them want they want to be. Pretty much all of us thought that having a royalty life will be amazing. You will have tons of money, live in a beautiful castle, have forever loyal servants, and of course, be famous.


I, myself, wanted to be a princess when I was younger. (And I may still be.) But all of that changed when I read Princess Diaries. I (or we) thought that having that kind of life will be easy, since you have servants and such. But it isn't. You will have responsibilities, obligations, that will definitely make you feel that you're carrying the world in your shoulders.  


Yes, this book made me take back what I said about wanting to be a princess. But it also showed me that I can be extraordinary. That I can do something amazing that I never thought I could do. That I can bring myself up everytime I fall.